Camp Hero - Fort Montauk

Camp Hero - Fort Montauk

Camp Hero, AKA Fort Montauk, is known for some of the strangest legends in our military history --- the “Philadelphia Experiment,” the “Phoenix Project,” and the “Montauk Project.”  But as strange as it is there is lots of evidence to backup the truth of the story.

What has been sensationalized by Hollywood was based on a supposed true story involving Camp Hero - Fort Montauk and Brookhaven Lab.  In the late 1930's the U.S. Government began tests on Stealth Technology.  Yes, experiments in stealth technology had taken place back then.  These experiments, in actuality, were based upon both technology invented by Nikola Tesla and theories by Albert Einstein.  Allegedly both Einstein and Tesla were involved with the project.

In 1943 the U.S.S. Eldridge was docked in the Navy Shipyard at Philadelphia.  The plan was to make it invisible to radar through use of extremely powerful generators that would produce electromagnetic fields and “warp” the radar waves, making it invisible to radar.  But when it was activated the ship allegedly disappeared, only to reappear in Norfolk Virginia and was seen by a crew of a civilian ship.  Some accounts say it appeared off of Montauk Point in 1983.  The ship supposedly transported to 12 different places and times, from 1943 to 3600 AD!  When the ship returned to Philadelphia sailors were literally stuck in the hull of the ship, and many were missing.  Those that survived were delusional and many were placed in asylums.  The ship had been removed from space and time.  Supposedly it had been transported to another dimension.

As far fetched as this sounds the U.S. Government has admitted to performing experiments in quantum physics at the Brookhaven Lab in Yaphank/Upton, and during World War II for radar evasion technology.  Even more shocking is the evidence that present Russian stealth technology works on the same premise as the “Philadelphia Experiment” using magnetic fields to surround a plane making it invisible to radar!

Camp Hero - Fort Montauk in 1950

Camp Hero - Fort Montauk in 1950

The following paragraph is FACT -- not any legend or story.  The “Phoenix Project,” as it was named at Brookhaven Lab, was based on technology learned from captured Nazi documents and Nikolai Tesla.  This project was leading to experiments in mind control.  A report was presented to Congress on the findings of the project.  Congress promptly ordered the project disbanded.

In the late 1960's, a few years after the “Phoenix Project” was disbanded, Camp Hero - Fort Montauk was, once again, operational.  Experiments of psychic warfare were supposedly conducted.  Psychics powers were said to be enhanced by electronic equipment.  Experiments in time manipulation were being made also.  A time vortex was supposedly created which caused the disappearance of the U.S.S. Eldridge.  Scientists who claim to have worked at Camp Hero - Fort Montauk also say that there were three races of aliens assisting in the technology and living at Camp Hero - Fort Montauk.  Camp Hero - Fort Montauk was an early version of an “Area 51.”

The U.S. Navy states that this legend was formed by the then top secret process of Degaussing.  Degaussing equipment was installed in the hull of U.S. Navy ships and could be turned on whenever the ships were in waters that might contain magnetic mines, making the ships “invisible” to these mines.  Another theory regarding the U.S.S. Eldridge is that the ship was really used in invisibility experiments, however the generators were used to create heat around the ship rather than magnetic fields, creating a mirage effect.  This type of invisibility occurs naturally, even making entire islands seem to disappear.  The high frequency generators could also account for the sickness of the crew.

Everything discussed thus far seems quite far-fetched.  However, there are several facts that support these stories:

  • The U.S. Government was involved in stealth technology in 1943.  Whether or not the U.S.S. Eldridge actually disappeared or teleported in space-time remains up for debate

  • The U.S. Government admits to performing experiments in quantum physics, mind control, and psychic warfare at the Brookhaven Lab during the “Phoenix Project.”

  • Albert Einstein had suggested the U.S. Government perform experiments in time and space manipulation.  Einstein had worked as a consultant for the military during World War II.  According to Einstein's Unified Field Theory space-time manipulation is possible.

  • The crew of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth did claim to see a warship appear in front of them and suddenly disappear in Norfolk Harbor in 1943.

  • The U.S. Government claims that Camp Hero - Fort Montauk is completely abandoned, however, Camp Hero - Fort Montauk still emanates electromagnetic fields.

  • Dr. John Von Neumann was the alleged head of the “Phoenix Project” and the “Montauk Project.”  It is a known fact that Von Neumann, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein all worked together at Princeton University's Institute for Advanced Study conducting experiments on quantum physics.  Von Neumann is best known for his work on ENIAC, the first computer that could store information.

  • Nikola Tesla attempted to build an international radio transmitter at Wardenclyffe, Long Island.  It was so controversial that Wardenclyffe changed its name to Shoreham!  The tower was intended to amplify radio signals that could be broadcast worldwide using a huge device similar to the Tesla Coil.  This is certainly consistent with the ideas of the “Phoenix Project.”

The Acid House

The Acid House

The “Acid House” building next to the radar tower has a strange Psychedelic decor.  One room has green, red and orange blotch painting, another is a strange velvet wallpaper room, and another is a weird zig-zag pattern.  Hence, it has been nicknamed the “Acid House.”  The house fits perfect into the stories of psychic warfare experiments performed at Camp Hero - Fort Montauk!

Location of Camp Hero - Fort Montauk on Long Island

Map of Montauk, Long Island

Another fact is that Camp Hero - Fort Montauk does have underground levels.  They were built during World War II.  When the Federal government sold the base to the New York State Department of Parks the contract specifically stated that the deal did not include anything below ground.  That is certainly a strange condition applied to a land purchase contract.  Why not?

Recent TV shows on the Discovery Channel have discussed declassified experiments in Psychic Warfare conducted at the Brookhaven Lab and other sites.

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