Ed Cameron


Al describes his early life as Ed Cameron.  He was born on August 4, 1916, in Bay Shore Long Island, New York, to father Alexander Duncan Cameron and mother (maiden name) Arville from a common law marriage.  His Aunt Arnold raised him and Duncan in a 26-room mansion in Long Island.

Ed went to Princeton in 1932 and finished up his education with a PhD in Physics at Harvard in 1939.  He met Dr. John Von Neumann first at Princeton a meeting that would change the course of his life.

After leaving Harvard, Ed Cameron and his brother Duncan were recruited to work with the United States Navy in September of 1939.  Ed and Duncan were sent through a 90-day training school and left with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG).  Dr. Von Neumann recruited both of them to work in a Top Secret project involved with developing warship visual and radar invisibility.

Before starting in the project, Ed and Duncan had to relearn their physics.  Dr. John Von Neumann taught the two brothers about gravity, time, and quantum physics how it really works.  Ed needed to learn the theory behind invisibility so he could accurately report to the Navy the progress of the experiment.

While working in this project, Ed got to meet Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein.  Both were heavily involved in developing the mathematical theories behind the project.  Al believes that Albert Einstein did complete his Unified Field Theory and the United States Navy used Albert Einstein to create the overall set of equations to produce invisibility.

In September of 1940, the first test of invisibility was successfully performed on a small Navy Tender in Brooklyn, New York, Navy Yard.  During this test, no sailors were on board and all the required power was externally supplied.  At that point, the United States Navy took over and classified the project as “Project Rainbow.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was excited about the success of the project and asked to perform the invisibility on a battleship.  Recall during the period of time from the late 1930s and 1940, German U-Boats had sunk about half of the United States Atlantic Ocean going merchant ships traveling between the Unites States and the United Kingdom.

While waiting for the battleship to be modified, Ed and Duncan were assigned to the U.S.S. Pennsylvania.  They were scheduled to leave for Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941.  However, their orders were canceled because it was known that the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor.


Our history books indicate that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a complete surprise to the United States.  In actuality, President Roosevelt was very aware that the attack was imminent.  President Roosevelt wanted to get the United States involved in World War II, but he didn't have the support of the American people.  Such an attack on the homeland of the United States was just the catalyst to get the American people behind him.

Apparently, the brothers were deemed too valuable to put into harms way.

After the test on the U.S.S. Eldridge, Ed married Mary Jane and bore one son Jeff Cameron.  Al claims he has memories of four other children, but with different mothers.  Ed was transferred to Los Alamos National Laboratory in July 1944, to assist Dr. Edward Teller and Von Neumann with the atomic bomb project.

Ed Cameron had access to secret files at Los Alamos and learned that time travel was already accidentally discovered in 1936 near the Bermuda Triangle by a Navy Ship.  Apparently the ship disappeared and reappeared two months later.  His questions about this project were met with response “Don’t ask!”

While working on the Hydrogen Bomb Project, Ed and Dr. Teller strongly disagreed with the viability of weaponizing Fusion.  Ed believed it to be unpredictable.  Eventually, this disagreement got Ed forcibly separated from his family and a one-way ticket to Washington DC in 1947.

Despite Ed’s plea with the US Government, they told him he could continue working, but had to leave his family.  Today, Al still doesn’t recall why he had to leave his family.

His next project was to be an observer of the Mach 1 project at Edwards Air Force Base.  He worked closely with Jack Ridley and got to know Chuck Yeager.  When the project concluded, Ed and Jack decided to go into business with each other.  They formed a company in California called JRC Enterprises.

Their company worked toward building the first ion propulsion engine.  They received funding from the military and ultimately were successful in 1953.  When the test was successful, Ed’s father Alexander got involved and promised to fund the project to move into production.

Something went wrong.  Apparently, this technology stepped on the toes of some other powerful group.  Al thinks it has something to do with the Cristaldi Research Group.  It was decided to take Ed out.  A group of “Black Ops” soldiers removed Ed from the premises and put him on a train to the Pentagon. 

Ed was taken to MacLean Virginia, placed into a portal, and sent to Alpha Centauri One.  After several days of interrogation by aliens, Ed was returned to the Pentagon.  

Even though reporting in daily, Ed was never again given another assignment.  Continual inquiry on Ed’s part finally resulted in a plea to the Joint Chiefs.  Their response was “there is nothing we can do, it is out of our hands.”

Ed was then taken to Montauk on August 12th 1953, brainwashed, and physically regressed to Al Bielek as an infant by an alien device and sent back to the year - 1927 - in order to replace the actual Al Bielek infant child who had died.

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