Larry James (not his real name) claims to have been in charge of the operations of the Time Control program at Montauk from the early 1970’s until 1985.  For the first time, Larry has agreed to share his experience.  However, he only agreed to do so if we would not publicly identify him.  He asked that no pictures be taken of him and no reference his real name be made.  Larry leads a normal life and wants to keep it that way.  He isn't interested in getting caught up in much of the hype that surrounds the Montauk project.   We had no choice but to honor his request.

Larry wanted to get out of the program in 1985.  The way he got out was to transfer his “soul” into another body.  He did the procedure for several other people.  Why not for himself?

According to Larry, the Montauk time travel equipment was generally operational in the early 1980’s.  Their group performed several time travel experiments.  Apparently, they were able to alter the outcome of the American Civil War, try out different scenarios with World War II, and go all the way back to the Roman Empire to test different outcomes.  After they experimented with the past, they would evaluate if the changed time-line and current state (the 1980’s) were either better or worse.  If better, they let the revised scenario exist - if worse, they changed the scenario back.  While performing these experiments, they quickly learned about the dangers associated with these experiments.  If too many trips to the past occurred causing too much change, that time line had the potential to fracture and “blink” out of existence.  The gift of time travel can be equated to the gift of nuclear fission.  Depending how it is used, great benefits can be derived - or great destruction can occur.  That’s why the program remains secret and will probably always remain secret.  Larry’s information will certainly stretch the imagination.  It will cause one to question the very nature of our existence.

Soul transfer leads to, what Larry calls, a “Swiss Cheese” memory.  As with Al, certain information is remembered as if it happened yesterday, and other information remains buried until triggered by an event.  Keep an open yet discerning mind, and get ready to change your paradigm.

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