Duncan Cameron


Duncan Cameron is one of the central figures in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project saga.  According to Al Bielek, Duncan was his brother (when Al Bielek was originally Ed Cameron) who jumped off the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1943 and landed into the future.  When they wound up in 1983 at Montauk, both were sent back to the U.S.S. Eldridge to destroy the equipment that was keeping the ship in hyperspace.  Al Bielek says that before the U.S.S. Eldridge rematerialized, Duncan jumped back off the ship and returned back to 1983.

Duncan Cameron was used extensively as a psychic in the Montauk project.  During one of the experiments, Duncan lost his “time lock” and began to age one year for every hour that passed.  The time engineers at Montauk went back in time (to 1950) and convinced Duncan’s original father, Alexander Cameron to sire another son.  When done, they removed Duncan's soul and put it into the new child.  This person is who we know today as Duncan Cameron.  The new Duncan Cameron picked up where the old Duncan left off.  He became one of the principal psychics who manned the Montauk Chair.  The chain was used to create and hold the frequency required to perform the time travel and mind control activities.  Duncan Cameron, as well as Stewart Swerdlow, was allegedly one of the Montauk Boys programmers.  This part of the program still deeply troubles both of them.  The Montauk program was brought to an abrupt halt when “Jr.,” the the Bigfoot monster was brought into form (via Duncan) and proceeded to wreck the base.

All of the people we interviewed that participated in the Montauk were subject to many sessions of mind control.  Essentially, they had their memories erased by Montauk technology.  In many cases, false memories were implanted to cover up their real activities.  But as we learn from Al Bielek, their technologies were not perfect.  Over time, the memories slowly returned.  Duncan is in the process of slowly recovering his memories.  He recalls being on the U.S.S. Eldridge and now accepts that Al Bielek was his brother.  He remembers going to Mars and many of the things that happened at Montauk.  The process of remembering has been difficult for him, because it goes against his true nature.  Hopefully, in time, we will all get the true story of what really happened at Montauk.

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