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Gravity Amplifier and Core PlatesBob Lazar worked at Area 51 (or Groom Lake) back in the late 1980’s on a back-engineering program that he claims began there in 1979.  He says that an ‘exchange’ program with the ETs occurred in the 1970’s, which, resulted in the acquisition of nine UFOs so that their technologies could be researched. That there were indeed strange craft at Area 51 seems to be corroborated by David Adair’s visit there in 1971.

The following is an analysis of the way some types of UFOs travel, its the rubber sheet explanation of space-time manipulation by Bob Lazar.1

“Assuming they‘re in space, they will focus the three gravity generators on the point they want to go to.  Now, to give an analogy:  If you take a thin rubber sheet, say, lay it on a table and put thumbtacks in each corner, then take a big stone and set it on one end of the rubber sheet and say that’s your spacecraft, you pick out a point that you want to go to - which could be anywhere on the rubber sheet - pinch that point with your fingers and pull it all the way up to the craft.  That’s how it focuses and pulls that point to it.  When you then shut off the gravity generators, the stone (or spacecraft) follows that stretched rubber back to its point.  There’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends space and time and follows space as it retracts.  In the first mode of travel - around the surface of a planet - they essentially balance on the gravitational field that the gravity generators put out, and they can ride a “wave,” like a cork does in the ocean.  In that mode they’re very unstable and are affected by the weather.  In the other mode of travel - where they can travel vast distances - they can’t really do that in a strong gravitational field like Earth, because to do that, first of all, they need to tilt on their side, usually out in space, then they can focus on the point they need to with the gravity generators and move on.  If you can picture space as a fabric, and the speed of light is your limit, it’ll take you so long, even at the speed of light, to get from point A to point B.  You can’t exceed it - not in this universe anyway.  Should there be other parallel universes, maybe the laws are different, but anyone that’s here has to abide by those rules.”

Interestingly, recent research into Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) has found that by slowing down a body of atoms, to within a fraction of a degree Kelvin (near absolute zero), they coalesce into a “superatom” and when suitably excited by an oscillating field this BEC superatom propagates matter waves, now - its only at an early stage of development here on Earth but it is hoped that one day this technology will produce a tightly focused “matter wave beam” (much like that of the laser light beam) - what is so interesting here, is that if you look at the diagram above of the gravity generators of Lazar’s, its elements look exactly like the rings of optical lasers and magnetic traps used in BEC technology to slow down the atoms, and that these generators emit a beam - one of which is enough for the craft to ride upon - it could mean that the ETs use a system closely related to the propagation of such matter waves.  Well, its food for thought.

S4 Disc Anti-Matter Reactor“Inside the reactor, Element 115 is bombarded with a proton which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes Element 116, which immediately decays and releases, or radiates, small amounts of antimatter.  The antimatter is released into a tuned tube which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it.  It is then directed toward a gaseous matter target at the end of the tube.  The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy.  The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a near 100% efficient thermoelectric generator...”1

“Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system.  Supposedly the craft uses 223 grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure (in a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles).”1

Visible Light Spectrum

My comment here is what happens beyond the “gaseous matter target?”  What sort of energy field is established?  Is it an electric field (if so what polarity), or is it an electromagnetic wave propagation, or is it a gravitational wave that is being produced?

Gravity Waveguide

The thing about Lazar’s central tube assembly, which he doesn’t make mention of, is that it surely must be used as a circular cross-section waveguide for high-frequency waves.  From his graphics it looks like an 80 mm tube and that would relate to an electromagnetic wave in the microwave region (especially if the tube terminated at the top at a smaller diameter).  And whatever the target is, hitting it with these microwaves most probably causes the molecules and atoms of the target “gases” to resonate (as in electron spin resonance), the resonance then pulls the electrons up the energy bands and greatly increases their energy level.

My next comment is that, according to Bob Lazar, speaking about one of the propulsion systems used by the ufo he worked on, “the craft does not create an ‘antigravity field,’ as some have surmised:  It’s a gravitational field that’s out of phase with the current one - it’s the same gravitational wave.  The phases vary from 180 degrees to zero ... in a longitudinal propagation.”1

So if, by analogy, we assume that the gravitational wave is similarly structured to that of a sinusoidal electromagnetic wave (there is some evidence to suggest that gravity waves are structured as an electromagnetic wave).  What Bob Lazar seems to be saying is that by duplicating exactly this wave, and then propagating this duplicated wave back into the original, after altering its phase (so that - in relation to the existing gravity wave ‘force’ that is operating throughout this planet - the newly created wave matches it or differs from it) then the newly created gravity force can be made stronger or weaker than the existing one.

OK ... he is saying that if you created the same current-magnetic field combination for the gravity wave (at the same amplitude) but altered the phase to below 90 you would become lighter, and by altering the phase to between 90 and 180 you would be heavier ... Sounds interesting.  Is this like selective constructive and destructive interference between two radiating waves maybe ...

Gravity Waveguide

Note:    The term used in the above illustration collocated structure is one I have coigned and refers to Lazar’s comment about there being no joints or sharp edges in the metal structure of the craft he worked on.  Almost as if the whole craft was moulded together in one piece - a factor of UFO construction reiterated in the notes made by Lt. Col. Philip Corso about the Roswell craft he saw in 1947 where Corso says, “There were no seams on the UFO craft, or joint lines, rivets or weld joints.”  This “alien” technology is again mentioned in David Adair’s Area 51 interview and is something currently undergoing much research through NASA and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S.

One more comment.  Because it’s been puzzling me ever since I clapped eyes on his drawings, is that the “gravity wave generators” radiate some sort of energy beam below the craft THROUGH THE SHELL CASING.  Now call me old-fashioned but on this speck of the universe engineers just don’t do that sort of thing ... Having said that however, if the shell was constructed not of plain metal but of an “artificial” metal (of an artificial metallized dielectric composition), and the electromagnetic waves being used were of small enough wavelength, radio waves of microwave length being particularly suitable, then just as Lazar has implied THE HULL OF THE CRAFT COULD BE USED AS A LENS for focusing the electromagnetic waves.  Because with radio waves of very short wavelength it has long been established that they behave somewhat like lightwaves, in that they have what is termed “optical properties” meaning that these waves can be bent or flattened by a suitably constructed “lens.”  Such a lens for a radio micro-wave is made not of glass but of metallized plates inter-spaced certain distances apart, which in this case would equate to around 10 - 50 mm apart.  In this way the hull could be used as a very efficient waveguide, not merely to focus the beams but more advantageously to regulate their shape or to give a predetermined delay between one beam and another.

Gravity Amplifier E-Field Lens

This is how it could be done:  Whereas normal dielectrics have microscopic particles and interfaces, the “artificial dielectric” can be made to have metal strips (or rods or spheres) of macro-scopic size constructed into it in the form of a lattice.  With this technique comes the added advantage that the strips or particles can be aligned to the orientation of the required electric fields.  Of the two main types of structured “metallic lens” the M-plane alignment retards the em wave, and the E-plane alignment accelerates the wave (in the E-plane structure the metal strips are parallel to the plane of the electric field of the wave - as shown in the figure above).  Further, if the spacing between these parallel strips or plates is exactly one-half wavelength the wave is greatly accelerated.  A honeycomb structure in the artificial “metal” would be ideal for this purpose.

Gravity Wave Hull Penetration

If you look at the figure, above, you will see three sections of the bottom of the hull, each having their own unique curvature.  Each of these curved sections are uniquely curved because they have different spacing from the wave generators, resulting in a different “focal length” (to use a photographic term) for the wave propagation.  At different focal lengths, the wave’s shape will be different as it enters the dielectric waveguide lens.  The resultant wave produced by that lens-waveguide, when that wave passes through it, will also be different.  Couple to this the fact that for every different angle that the waves pass through the dielectric hull a different effect of refraction will occur to the wave.  Consider next that if this craft uses the two outer generators to focus their two microwave-beams at some finite point in the distance, it would follow that to approach that same point in space, the two beams will have traversed through a different thickness of the dielectric lens, at a different angle, meaning that the two beams will be shaped slightly differently.  If, then, it can be controlled how the two waves are shaped, then it will also be possible to control their constructive and destructive interference pattern - and hence the strength or weakness of the electric field at the area where the two beams approach each other.  And as you already know the stronger the electric field the stronger the repulsion - the stronger the acceleration.

1The above Bob Lazar quotes are taken from “Alien Contact” by Timothy Good (1993) page 183 and page 181, respectively.

The quote below was taken from an old webpage of Bob Lazar’s - and for more detailed information see his Reactor and Microwave Analogy webpage if you can.

“The disc is one of nine, given to the American government in an ‘exchange’ program in the early 1970’s.  The makers of the craft and providers of the fuel were from the Zeta Reticuli star system.  What we exchanged for the technology is not known.  A back engineering program began in 1979 of the remaining hardware and technology.”

Visible Light Spectrum

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